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"Welcome to The Association of County Commissioners of Oklahoma!" Serving The Counties of Oklahoma Since 1981

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sp-icon ACCO Spring Conference
March 28th & 29th, 2018
Embassy Suites Hotel, Norman
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Room Block Opens: 10/30/17
sm-icon   ACCO Summer & Safety Conference
August 1st & 2nd, 2018
Embassy Suites Hotel, Norman
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Room Block Opens: 4/2/18
fl-icon ACCO Fall Conference
October 31st & November 1st, 2018
Embassy Suites Hotel, Norman
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Room Block Opens:  8/6/18
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2016 Our Public Sector Challenge

We find ourselves as public sector leaders working in an era of dynamic global economics and stormy political discourse, facing the challenge of retaining public confidence. Our story is a great one in comparison of cost versus improvement.  We have always done more with less!

Thanks to the actions of our citizens through their public support, we have the opportunity to showcase the value of local elected officials solving local problems. We keep the countryside intact and safe for travel and enjoyment. How many times as small children, have we sang, “this little light of mine, I am going to let it shine” ? Our work and performance is our light and it’s up to us to let it shine; our story is one of dedication and performance. We serve our roles as producers and partners in shaping the hopes and dreams of our counties.

Today’s local Government professionals are astute at solving problems, and they see many every day. From the complex long-term funding issues to the emergency crisis of the moment, we are steadfast in doing what needs to be done to protect and serve our communities.

This directory is dedicated to the elected officials and the commercial vendors who share their product knowledge and new products that make our efforts more cost effective, safer, and dependable. It is past time, that we pull our light out from under that bushel basket and let our light shine. Let’s dedicate 2016 to eliminating the negative and focus on the positive opportunities that we all have!

Gene Wallace
Executive Director

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